About Us

PublicRecordAds was founded in 2005 in response to the lack of specialized and effective advertising and media support and service available to the investigative and legal communities. Effectively, we have realized that there are no media and advertising companies that could address the particular and distinctive needs of these large communities.

Consequently, this has lead to very ineffective online advertising campaigns, wasting millions of dollars for many background check and investigative service companies. At PublicRecordsAds. we have combined our expertise and knowledge in online advertisement with our experience of the idiosyncrasies and distinctiveness of the investigative services to provide highly effective advertising solutions to our advertisers.

At PublicRecordsAds our mission is to bring various players in the background check, legal services, private investigation, and public record industries together into a closer community by facilitating their collaboration while creating value for all parties.

By bringing publishers and advertisers of all these related and interdependent industries into one community, we can deliver quality and targeted potential customers to our advertisers, generate extra revenue to our network of publishers, and serve the end user of the community better by directing their needs to the services they require.

Our goal is to provide our market with the resources to reach all public record information with ease, while meeting the requirements of all our advertisers. With both of these key points in place we have advertisers with proven massive growth from using just our network alone for their advertising.

PublicRecordAds networks' mission is to formulate the world's public record resources in one portal that is easily accessible and useful to anyone and everyone worldwide.

If you have any questions regarding our advertising, please Contact Us.